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(many of these have been uploaded to

“Gigantic Realism: The Rise of the Novel and the Comedy of Scale”
forthcoming in Critical Inquiry, 2016

“Everything and Less: Fiction in the Age of Amazon”
Modern Language Quarterly September 2016

“The Novel’s Forking Path: Tom McCarthy’s Satin Island
Public Books, April 1, 2015

“The Institution of Nothing: David Foster Wallace in the Program”
Boundary 2, fall 2014

“Dark Times: On the 21st Century Gothic” (A Review of Victoria Nelson’s Gothicka)
The Los Angeles Review of Books

The Critical Pulse: Thirty-Six Credos by Contemporary Critics

“The New Cultural Geology”
Twentieth Century Literature, Fall/Winter 2011 [published August 2012]

“The Posthuman Comedy”
Critical Inquiry, Spring 2012

“The MFA Octopus: Four Questions About Creative Writing”
The Los Angeles Review of Books May, 2011

“The Novel, Mass Culture, Mass Media”
The Cambridge History of the American Novel (2011)

“Ordinary Doom: Literary Studies in the Waste Land of the Present”
New Literary History Fall 2010

“The Zombie Renaissance”
n+1 no.9 spring 2010

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